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Nucar has a robust inventory that exceeds over 6.5 Million dollars & it consist of 9 major car lines which are General Motors, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Subaru, Hyundai, Saturn,  & Isuzu Truck. All of our inventory is controlled by a Reynolds & Reynolds bar coding scanning system.

With the Inventory Management and Point of Sale Parts Barcoding Solutions from Reynolds we can

  • Provides real-time  inventory updates through wireless technology

  • Improves accuracy for tighter inventory control.

  • Increases speed & accuracy of deliveries to wholesale customers

  • Provides faster and more accurate invoice processing for improved customer service

This system is just one of the many reason that adds to our already outstanding customer service. In these times of cutting cycle times & insurance deadlines it pays to deal with a forward-thinking operation like Nucar who cares about higher productivity & higher customer satisfaction.

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